Rotary Council on Legislation Enactments – Results of Preliminary Vetting

Outcomes from the 2022 Council on Legislation "vetting" process yielded these results:

  • The three proposed enactments with 419 or more votes of support will be put on the Council's consent agenda.
  • No items received more than 419 votes in opposition, which would have rejected them at this stage of consideration.
  • Items which received fewer than 419 votes in support or opposition will be considered at the 2022 Council on Legislation.

The three items to go on the Council's consent agenda (there will be no debate) are:

  • To publish Rotary International's budget and annual report on its website:
  • To amend the Bylaws to update and remedy some inconsistencies in wording.
  • To allow Rotaractors to attend Rotary club meetings.

You can see all of the proposed enactments on Rotary's website here:

Council on Legislation