Stephanie Sinclair, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, has used her images to put faces to some of the world’s most serious gender and human rights issues.

The ongoing capstone of Ms. Sinclair’s career is her 18-year multimedia series, Too Young to Wed (TYTW), which examines the deeply troubling practice of early, forced and child marriage as it appears in a variety of communities around the world today. The series has earned numerous global accolades, including three World Press Photo awards and numerous prestigious exhibitions including the United Nations (2012, 2014) and the Whitney Biennial (2010) in New York.

Ms. Sinclair later shepherded the TYTW series into a nonprofit organization of the same name. TYTW, whose mission is to empower girls and end child marriage, provides visual evidence of the human rights challenges faced by women and girls, amplifying their courageous voices and inspiring the global community to act. TYTW also transforms influential advocacy into tangible action on the ground through a continuum of programs and services that form a holistic well being and empowerment model for girls vulnerable to child marriage.