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Attract New Members and Keep Existing Ones

Why would anyone join a Rotary club, or stay in one, that is not giving them what they want or need? A “one size fits all” model of membership is unlikely to  have broad appeal, or keep once-active members engaged. Rotary’s offering you a new tool to help make your club simply irresistible. Download the “Designing Your Rotary Experience” guide for three dozen ways to offer anyone interested in being a Rotarian a way to customize their experience in Rotary. Many join us in service looking for networking opportunities. The guide offers ways to give them the connections they seek. Others are seeking a way to put their talents to work serving others. The guide help steer them to meaningful service opportunities. One attractive feature of Rotary is the opportunity to develop and improve one’s leadership skills. The guide’s “Become a Leader” page has numerous ways to reap those rewards. The final page offers ways Rotary can expand one’s perspective, through online courses, cultural exchanges, and partner organizations.

The sections in each page of the guide have working links to delve deeper into the many ways we can offer members a return on their investment of time and energy into Rotary service.