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Club Visioning

Visioning is the foundation of a successful club. It brings its members together towards building continuity of leadership, consistency in programming and consensus towards purpose and action.

“Club Visioning Process”

Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants;

  • cant’s into cans;
  • dreams into plans;
  • and plans into reality.



A team of volunteers will be available to conduct “Club Visioning” events upon requests of the club.

Visioning is the foundation of a successful club, bringing its members together towards building Continuity of leadership, Consistency in programing and Consensus towards purpose and action. The visioning process allows the club to develop a mission statement that provides a road map that is easy for leaders and members to understand and serves as a foundational piece for any club that wants to grow and become more effective.

This Team will facilitate the initial Visioning session that will assist the club in determining who they are, where they are, what they want to do and how they will go about getting there. The Club Vision Facilitation event takes about four hours and can be conducted in the evening or on a Saturday. The Club’s leadership must agree to the process and attend the session. It is suggested that 15-30 club members participate (including the 6 newest members, 6 experienced members), the board, current president and president-elect. The Assistant Governor should be present and will be involved with the post session follow up.

It is our hope that the four-hour session will start the process to develop a clearer vision and understanding of what the members want. This will be the start of a strategic plan that will help build a stronger club. Some of the outcomes will be to determine what the club stands for in the community and to identify attributes and objectives to accomplish over the next 3-5 years. The club will also establish leadership development strategies to build for the future success of the club.

Rotary Clubs with a Club Visioning and Strategic Plan report greater success at attracting and engaging members and achieving a positive public image.

If you would want to have the Club Visioning Facilitation Team come conduct a Visioning event please contact your District Visioning Coordinator.

Visioning Coordinator
Glen Vanderford


Visioning Facilitators
Laura Carie

Tom Ripperda