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Rotary Leadership Institute – Heart of America Division

The Rotary Leadership Institute was founded to assist in improving the Rotary knowledge and leadership skills of the future leaders of our Rotary clubs. We believe that excellent leadership is the key to successful service by our clubs to our communities and our world… Dave Linett RID, International Chair


The Rotary Leadership Institute offers a leadership course in three one day parts.

Seminars are held at convenient locations within Zones 30 & 31.

Learning sessions are facilitated in a way that emphasizes group discussions.


Rotary needs an influx of leadership as club officers every year. It is difficult at the club level to learn enough about Rotary to maximize their club’s experience during their year in office. Volunteer leadership skills are often different from business leadership skills.


The institute recommends that clubs nominate those Rotarians in their club that exhibit the potential for club leadership, not necessarily as future club presidents. They should preferably be 2-3 years away from a key leadership post.


The current seminar costs are $60 (but may vary) for each in-person session. This covers the cost of materials, food and refreshments, and venue for the session. Faculty members donate their time. Participants or their clubs cover the cost of transportation and lodging if needed.

Current schedule and information at the HOA RLI registration site:

Turning Insights Into Leadership and Building Effective Leadership Strategies