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Coming TRF Grant Changes – DDF & Reporting

Use of “old” DDF:
Starting July 1st, 2026, unused District Designated Funds from 2020-21 and earlier will be applied at the district’s discretion to the PolioPlus Fund, Rotary Peace Centers, the Endowment Fund, the Disaster Response Fund, or the World Fund (but they will NOT be carried over into the following year). For more information, read the frequently asked questions, and send any questions you about this to

Global Grant reporting:
Starting July 1st, 2024, both the host and international sponsors of global grants will be responsible for grant reporting compliance. That section of the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation Global Grants currently reads, “Both the host sponsor and the international sponsor are required to complete, authorize, and submit global grant reports.” That section will be updated accordingly to make it clear that the reporting obligation will not fall solely on the host sponsor. Given that the Foundation won’t approve new grant applications from sponsors that have any overdue reports for any Foundation grant, special attention to this duty should be paid when proposing, or participating in new Global Grants.