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Develop New Leaders

R.I. President Jennifer Jones emphasizes that Rotary’s work with empowering girls and women is much more than creating equity. Sometimes, it’s about health, education, providing safety or basic human rights. Teenage girls all over the world struggle with self-confidence. Recently, a team of Rotary members and Toastmasters set out to help girls build their leadership skills. Rotary and Toastmasters International have partnered and are helping girls embrace their full potential.

Using Toastmasters’ Youth Leadership Program, this project provided a safe space for girls to discover and amplify their voices and ideas over eight weeks. The program’s workshop-style design let the girls develop leadership and speaking skills like: Public Speaking; Using Body Language & Gestures; Active Listening; Giving Feedback; and Impromptu Speaking. At least 85% of the girls completed the programs and recommended them to others.

Ask your local Toastmasters District about hosting similar sessions with Interact clubs, schools, or community organizations in your district. If you don’t have any Toastmasters members in your club, you can reach out to a Toastmasters club near you that might be interested in collaborating.