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Foundation Targets Funds to Aid Pakistan & Ukraine

Ian Riseley, 2022-23 Trustee Chair of The Rotary Foundation has announced the trustees’ establishment of The Pakistan Flood Response Fund and the Ukraine Response Fund to address humanitarian crises caused by flooding in Pakistan and the war in Ukraine.

The Pakistan Flood Response Fund will help communities recover from the disastrous monsoon season that affected millions, displaced people, and destroyed crops. The Ukraine Response Fund will support grants for districts affected by the war’s humanitarian crisis. Grants from these funds will provide items such as water, food, medicine, shelter, and clothing. Both funds are temporary, accepting contributions, including District Designated Funds, until December 31st of this year and distributing grants until the end of June 2024 or until the funds are spent. Any unused money will then be transferred to the general Disaster Response Fund.

Action steps you can take today: