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Get Your Ask in Gear

You can increase your District’s clubs’ ability to do good in the world by encouraging each of them to become a Rotary’s Promise Club. It’s a big ask because that recognition requires 100% of their active club members to contribute $1,000 or more to The Rotary Foundation’s Endowment. The donation doesn’t have to be made all at once and can be made through gifts, commitments, or bequests in their testaments.

Ideas to get you and your District Rotary Foundation Chair going:

  • Review your Club Recognition Report to assess how close your club is to Rotary’s Promise Club status (see the Benefactor column);
  • Show the Rotary Endowment Explained video at a club meeting to explain its impact to your members;
  • Schedule your club Foundation Chairperson or District Giving or Foundation Chairperson to give an inspiring presentation;
  • Download, print and distribute  presentations, brochures, and other materials.