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Global Grant? Connect with the Cadre!

The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers is a network of Rotary members who work to strengthen the impact of Rotary grant projects. They use their professional expertise and technical skills in Rotary’s areas of focus and financial auditing to assist members in planning their projects and applying for grants. This new video highlights The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers and how this powerful resource can help make your grant project more effective and sustainable. The video explains how the Cadre can assist you in creating projects that transform communities and create lasting change.

How you can use this resource:

  • Visit the Cadre page on My Rotary to learn more about how it can help you;
  • Download the video and show it at your club, district, or regional meetings or other events to inspire members to make use of the Cadre’s expertise;
  • Use the video in your newsletters, social media, or club and district websites;
  • Write to with your questions.

Click the video below to start playing