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Inclusion as a Path to Grow Membership

Does the membership of your clubs and districts fairly represent the communities they represent? What groups are under-represented in their membership? How can they adequately serve people who have no “seat at the table” to share with you their needs, talents, and work?

If we are to understand and meet the needs of various communities, we must realize that our differences can the way for us to share successes with them. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not only paths to better Rotary service, but opportunities to grow our membership and reach.

If you see room for improvement, look for and remove barriers to entry into Rotary, open doors to become more inclusive, and assure your clubs, meetings, and Rotary events are welcoming, respectful venues. Then, invite leaders from those communities to participate, giving them meaningful roles in community needs assessments, project planning and event coordination.

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