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International Women’s Day

Indicative of Rotary’s commitment to making a lasting impact on a generation of girls, one of R.I. President Jennifer Jones four presidential initiatives is Empowering Girls. Your club and district have a great opportunity to play their parts on the upcoming March 8th International Women’s Day. The day has been celebrated since 1911 and was recognized by the United Nations for the first time in 1975.

While Rotary will be recognizing the importance of women over several days (Wednesday, March 8th through Monday, March 13th), the first event will be a Facebook Live session hosted by our R.I. President, announcing the recipient of the 2023 Sylvia Whitlock Leadership Award, honoring an inspiring Rotarian whose contributions actively work to advance women in Rotary.

Action steps you can take:

  • Check the schedule of planned Rotary events;
  • Recognize the day and theme as part of your club program that week;
  • Learn about the challenges women and girls face around the world;
  • Select and honor notable achievements of women in your community or district;
  • Donate to organizations supportive of women and girls;
  • Highlight the day in your club and district newsletter.