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Opportunities for Foundation Support
– Owners of traditional IRAs and workplace retirement accounts who turned 73 last year, were able to delay their first mandatory required minimum distribution withdrawal until April 1st of this year. There are certainly members in your district to whom this applies. NOW, while they are making those plans, would be a great time to ask them to consider a donation to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund or Endowment. Donations to SHARE contribute to the pool of funds available to come back to your district for District and Global Grants.
– Consider hosting a “major donor”, “Leave a Legacy”, or “Million Dollar” dinner.
– Another opportunity is presented as members do their estate planning, by including bequests to The Rotary Foundation in their testaments (or an addendum, called a “codicil”, to an existing testament). The Foundation makes a number of downloadable and online materials available to members for free, to make this a simple process: