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PolioPlus Society

In spite of our progress in reducing cases by 99.99 percent, recent outbreaks in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel reinforce our message that Polio is only a plane ride away. Our goal of entirely eliminating this dread disease is not yet done. As mentioned in this week’s roundtable meeting of District Rotary Foundation Chairs, the Rotary Foundation Trustees have endorsed this new, district-level recognition. Members of the PolioPlus Society will be those who commit to giving a minimum of $100 a year to the PolioPlus Fund until we achieve our goal of eradicating polio.

It is up to each of our districts to decide how we will publicize and implement this new recognition. Many districts have developed promotions and sign-up forms. For one unique idea and downloadable templates, see this post in Rotary Voices.