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Prepare Your 2023-24 Club Leaders

With districts hosting their annual Presidents-Elect Training Seminars this time of year, there are numerous materials available to supplement that training. Recent studies show that the club experience is the number one determinant in people remaining in Rotary. Well-trained and prepared club leadership is best positioned to provide those excellent experiences, helping both retention and attraction of prospective members.

Rotary’s Learning Center has a number of courses designed to help prepare next year’s club leaders to offer that engaging experience. Courses are specific to the various roles each leader might hold. To access them, they first need to log in to their My Rotary accounts, then look through the Club Leadership catalog for interesting course and enroll.If they don’t have a My Rotary account or are having difficulty navigating to the page, here are the steps to take: 

  1. Sign in to My Rotary or create an account;
  2. Go to and accept the privacy policy;
  3. Search the Club Leadership catalog for the learning plan for their upcoming role;
  4. Choose the Enroll button to get started
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