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Promote World Immunization Week

Those of us old enough to remember getting the Polio vaccine or having friends and family affected by Polio know just how critical vaccines are to maintaining our quality of life. But younger Rotarians and friends don’t have that same first-hand frame of reference. They don’t know the very real fear of being crippled, or having our children crippled. You have the opportunity for service by joining with Rotary to promote the power of vaccines to protect children and save lives.

Under the banner of ‘The Big Catch-Up’, The World Health Organization is working with partners like us to support countries to get back on track to ensure more people are protected from preventable diseases. We need to act now to catch-up the millions of children who missed out on vaccines during the pandemic, restore essential immunization coverage to at least 2019 levels and strengthen primary health care to deliver immunization. Recent stories from New York and Israel demonstrate what can happen to us when community immunization levels fall.

During World Immunization Week, coming up on April 24th-30th, let’s advocate for polio eradication and raise awareness of the importance of vaccines to the health and well-being of our communities. Download the toolkit to get graphics, sample social media posts, and more.