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Refresh Your Foundation Team’s Knowledge

If its been a while since your club or district Rotary Foundation committee members went “back to school”, there’s a host of resources to keep them current. These courses in The Learning Center can help them get, or stay up-to-speed:

District Committee Basics — These courses discuss our Action Plan, protecting personal data, managing a committee, leading change, and more.

District Rotary Foundation Committee Intermediate — These courses discuss various aspects of your role, including managing grants and fundraising.

Grant Management Seminar — These courses offer essential details for taking part in global grants. You and other district leaders can decide if you want to require clubs to take these courses as part of their qualification process.

The Grant Management Recertification 2023-24 course allows clubs to update their qualification credentials. If your district requires clubs to complete the full 10-course series, clubs that have already done so can use this course to become qualified to use grants this year.