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Results for 2022 Council on Resolutions

The results for the 2022 Council on Resolutions have been posted here. Using the print function on your browser you can print a copy of the voting results.

Adopted resolutions include these, requesting the Rotary International Board of Directors to consider:

  • encouraging senior members to increase their level of engagement with new members;
  • including club vice presidents in the Official Directory and providing them with the same access to resources and services available to the club presidents in My Rotary;
  • lowering the minimum number of members a club must have to sponsor a new club from 20 to 15 members;
  • allowing retired professionals to add the word ‘retired’ to their classification;
  • improving the access and readability of the Board meeting minutes;
  • conducting Rotary events in a manner that takes global environmental issues into consideration;
  • proposing legislation to provide that representatives to the Council on Legislation be elected in the year of the Council;
  • proposing legislation to a future Council on Legislation to include the Standard Rotaract Club Constitution as one of the constitutional documents.