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Rotary Youth Exchange

For two years, COVID-19 forced a pause in one of our most rewarding programs, Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE). With the increased level of immunization, R.I.’s board has given its approval for students aged 15-19 to once again take advantage of this cultural and educational opportunity.

But you don’t have to be in that age range to participate in, and benefit from RYE. Here are ways you can get involved:

  • Host exchange students. Host families can reap the rewards of Rotary Youth Exchange. The success of the program depends upon these volunteers to host one or more students for all or a part of their exchange. Providing a safe environment for our guests benefits them and our families as well.
  • Volunteer with your club or district, or one nearby. If your club or district already participates in the program, they will welcome your help as a volunteer. In addition to hosting, there’s need for Rotarians to organize students, help with language tutoring, recruit students to go abroad, and to provide other support. Contact your district’s Youth Exchange committee to put Service Above Self. If your club or district isn’t yet engaged, consider taking the lead to get your district certified.
  • Promote RYE. Maybe all you can do right now is talk about the program to spread the word to potential students, their parents, host families, and volunteers. Share this inspiring video to show them the ways that Rotary can impact the next generation of young adults and those that support them.
  • Learn more about Rotary Youth Exchange here.