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Your District’s DDF in 2026-27

Your District’s Annual Fund SHARE giving in the next five months will determine what projects it will be able to fund with District Designated Funds three years down the road. NOW is the time for your District Governor, District Rotary Foundation committee and District Governor Nominee Designate to work with clubs in your District to promote awareness of The Rotary Foundation. In the District’s newsletter, at club visits, and at District events, highlighting top-giving clubs and promoting recent projects are great ways to motivate Rotarians to do their part to support our Foundation. Showing members TRF-funded projects recently completed or in progress helps “close the loop” and let them understand how their donations change lives. Club presidents are preparing now for PETS – assure they get a good education on the Foundation there and why Annual Fund giving is critical to our work. See the 3rd quarter roadmap below for other ideas.