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Youth Advisory Council Applications

Does your District host a RYLA event? Does it participate in Youth Exchange? Do your clubs sponsor Interact or Rotaract clubs? If so, here’s an opportunity to strengthen these youth programs by inviting one of these participants to serve at the international level on the 2024-25 Youth Advisory Council. This can help us as we struggle to attract and retain younger members.

The Youth Advisory Council is comprised of:

  • three recent RYLA alumni;
  • three recent Rotary Youth Exchange alumni;
  • three current Interactors or Interact alumni; and
  • three Rotarian or Rotaractor mentors with experience in youth programming either as program alumni or club/district leaders.

The Council will:

  • provide recommendations for the most effective and sustainable structure for youth representation at Rotary’s International level;
  • create innovative programming that connects volunteers and youth from all across the world;
  • further collaboration of Interactors, RYLA and Youth Exchange alumni with Rotaractors and Rotarians;
  • advise on how to strengthen and encourage life-long connections to Rotary International.

Applications from youth program participants and qualified alumni must be submitted by Sunday, March 3rd, and must include a one minute video explaining how they will contribute to the goals of the Council.