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16 Resolutions Proposed for 2022 Council

On Friday, the resolutions for the 2022 Council on Resolutions were published. The full text of each is available to read by clicking here. Rotarians wishing to comment on a proposal should contact their District’s Council on Resolutions representative (comments may only be submitted by Council representatives, the Council Operations Committee, the RI president, the RI president-elect, members of the RI Board, and one member of The Rotary Foundation Trustees). When suggesting comments, explain why you are supporting, opposing, or wishing to make a general comment in the submission.

Resolution topics include: encouraging more involvement by senior club members; listing club vice presidents in the official directory; lowering the minimum number of members to charter a new club; including “retired” in classifications; changing the name of RYLA; improving readability of RI Board meeting minutes; eliminating RI’s annual themes; reducing minimum qualifications for Assistant Governors; adopting a primary goal of RI to follow Polio eradication; endorsing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons; asking clubs to contribute $10/member to fight Covid-19; charging some beneficiaries of our service projects; adding an eighth Area of Focus (“development of culture”); considering the environment when conducting Rotary events; changing the timing of election of Council on Legislation representatives; and including the Rotaract Club Constitution as one of Rotary’s constitutional documents.

Deadline for comments is October 9th, so don’t delay reading the proposals and making your voice heard.