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Assistance for East Palestine, Ohio

Request from District 6650 Governor Michelle Charles for assistance for families whose lives have been disrupted by the toxic chemicals released in East Palestine, Ohio:

East Palestine is home to only about 5,000 residents. It is in Appalachia and it is not a wealthy area. Many who evacuated their homes initially have not yet returned – they are afraid of the long term effects of the vinyl chloride that has leached into the soil. Many families left their homes with just the clothes on their backs not knowing that they would stay away for this long.

The cleanup of this area will take years. The long term ramifications of this accident are unclear and many are worried about their health.

I have created a donation portal on our district website. I am working closely with the Rotary Club of East Palestine as well as leaders in the community in order to get the funds where they are needed most.

The District 6650 website is

Please reach out to Governor Michelle for more information. Thank you for being a Rotarian, and thank you for your compassion.