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RAGs to Riches

Generally, Rotary Action Groups are available to help your clubs develop sustainable, effective service projects. Their members can provide expert advice  on planning and implementing projects, as well as helping you find partners, funding, and resources. This month, focusing on Disease Prevention and Treatment, is a great time for your members to learn more about the Rotary Action Groups that focus specifically in that Area of Focus. Share these contacts with your clubs for assistance with existing or new projects:

  • Addiction Prevention advises clubs and districts about how to tackle substance abuse and addiction in a long-term, structural way;
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia supports Rotary members who have family with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia and assists with projects centered on dementia;
  • Blindness Prevention promotes eye health and better vision worldwide;
  • Blood Donation supports blood drives and community blood centers;
  • Diabetes works toward awareness, prevention, treatment, and management of that disease;
  • Family Health and AIDS Prevention works across Africa and South Asia to provide quality health resources to people in need;
  • Health Education and Wellness promotes wellness through healthy lifestyle choices and disease prevention;
  • Hearing helps clubs and districts with projects to help people with hearing loss;
  • Hepatitis Eradication helps clubs and districts with hepatitis testing campaigns;
  • Malaria works to end that disease by lowering transmission rates and scaling up treatment;
  • Mental Health Initiatives offers practical toolkits that any club can use as part of a project or advocacy campaign; and
  • Multiple Sclerosis promotes awareness of MS and encourages clubs to work with MS societies on projects related to the disease.