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Time for Goal Setting

Now is the time for clubs and districts to set their 2024 membership goals. Membership continues to be a challenge for our clubs, but without setting goals and developing a plan to achieve them, membership won’t change. Don’t forget that with the semi-annual dues statements coming up, there may be a reduction in membership due to “culling” inactive or departing members. Get help with goal setting in the the online course on goal setting in the Learning Center.

Most of us would like to grow our clubs. We can take advantage of the yearly January increase in inquiries about joining Rotary. There are prospective members waiting to hear from you. To gain a better understanding of how to turn these prospect leads into active club members, share the Online Membership Leads course with your club leaders.

Encourage the establishment of a leads management process within your district and clubs, and spread the workload among your members, especially with your membership committee, so that the work doesn’t fall on (or burn out) one or two members. Next, focus on engagement. It’s important to create a consistent, positive experience for these potential members if you expect them to be attracted enough to join and interested enough to remain. Make sure all new members take the member interest survey so club leaders can understand their interests and how they’d like to be involved.