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Vocational Service: the Ashoka-Rotary Partnership

Vocational Service is often referred to as “the forgotten Avenue of Service”. You can re-invigorate your clubs’ and districts’ work in this area by taking advantage of this Rotary partnership. Ashoka supports more than 4,000 social entrepreneurs who are developing solutions to challenges around the world. It wants everyone to be empowered to make change in their communities, whether that’s in their neighborhood, their workplace, or their family. Rotary and Ashoka’s partnership promotes opportunities for collaboration among Rotary members, Ashoka’s staff, and the social entrepreneurs.

Rotary’s partnership with Ashoka brings together the vision of Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs with the local expertise of Rotary members to inspire innovation that can solve problems, create leaders, and change societies. A Rotary club could contact Ashoka to identify and engage an Ashoka Fellow to speak at a meeting about how members can make a greater social impact. Members might get advice from Ashoka that helps them bring more focus and value to a service project. And Ashoka might also be helpful as members implement global or district grant projects around the world.

To connect with an Ashoka Fellow or learn more about Rotary’s partnership with Ashoka, contact