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The new ‘Interact Handbook, a Guide for Interactors’ provides tools for Interactors to create a club that reflects their goals while having fun. Built with input from Interactors, this handbook offers key information and workbook pages to guide Interactors to…
  Start an Interact Club
  Build a dynamic club that offers all members meaningful service and leadership opportunities
  Promote your club’s work to your community and the Rotary world
Download a copy here:

And after that, vote for your “Fan Favorite” Interact video in the 2022 Interact Awards. Voting is not limited to Rotarians, so anyone can vote for their favorite video every day, once per day through January 1st at 12:59 p.m. Chicago time. The Fan Favorite video will be announced in early January 2023. See all of  this year’s submissions in the video gallery, then click on the thumbnail of your favorite to see the “Vote” button. Don’t forget to share the video with your friends, family, club members, and advisors on social media.