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Where in the World Will You Go?

Ask anyone who’s been on one about their experience and you’ll get a glowing recommendation to start or join a Friendship Exchange between Rotarians  in your District and another. Travel is certainly one of the benefits, but you also get the opportunity to expose yourself to a different culture and better understand how Rotarians live in other countries. Many of these exchanges use “home-hosting” where you live in the homes of fellow Rotarians, immersing yourself in life from their daily perspective. Some exchanges couple the travel and tourism with the opportunity to participate in a service project, making new lifelong friendships through these shared experiences. Over 200 districts around the world are participating in these an informal “Rotarian-to-Rotarian” experiences and many trips are open to your non-Rotarian friends or travelling partners.

Next steps:

  • Reach out to your district’s Rotary Friendship Exchange chairperson or committee to learn of upcoming plans and exchanges;
  • Identify others in your club or district, or non-Rotarian friends who might be interested in travelling with you;
  • Work with the committee and your group to plan the dates, travel, housing, and itinerary details;
  • Plan to host the reciprocal exchange team which will be coming to your area.