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Will Your Club or District be M.I.A.?
It is that time of year again…that time when we all check to be sure our clubs have updated their membership and officer information for the coming new Rotary year. If it isn’t done by July 1st, R.I. could be sending communications, including invoices, to the wrong address. Invoices will be wrong and payments won’t get processed without this accurate information. Many clubs use other systems (ClubRunner, DACdb, etc.) to keep track of members’ details and connect those to R.I.’s system. If so, that’s where updates can be made so they transfer automatically into R.I.’s database.

Now is also the time to report new members or “drops”, so next year’s officers can start with an accurate record and “clean slate”. No one wants to start their new year’s membership work, only to find out their first job is to drop inactive members. Get these changes in before July 1st. If you’re unsure of where you stand or what’s been reported, sign in to MyRotary where officers can see what R.I. has on its membership lists, and reconcile those with your records.

  • MyRotary‘s Club Administration pages have How-to guides and answers to Frequently Asked Questions;
  • For help with membership questions, contact: